Laker Alex Caruso hair. Should he shave it off?


alex caruso hair gif

Alex Caruso hair

Lakers Rookie Alex Caruso has been surprisingly effective this year. There are times he plays beyond his years, but he often looks much older than his years too because of his thinning hair. Many Laker fans on Laker Discussion forums feel like it may be best to just shave it off. But hair is a very personal decision, and we’re sure Alex will shave it off when he’s ready. In the interim, here are some funny pictures of exaggerated Alex hair. Sorry Alex!

Josh Hart is an excitable young guy and player, does the Carlton

Josh Hart Carlton Dance

Laker fans and Laker Discussion can center around team success and team results, but there is no denying the excitement around the Lakers young draft picks like Josh Hart. He has led the team in rebounds on multiple occasions and shown a knack for making key plays and shown a great feel for the game beyond his year. He might be doing the Carlton, but so are fans when he enters the game.